What is name chain necklace

Name chain necklace is usually made by sterling silver chains with custom made pendant attached. Name chain experts are usually concentrating exclusively on premium quality of chains that exceeds majority of jewellery makers in the industry. The core difference between name chain necklace and normal nameplate necklace (or name necklace) is that the former is often more focused on name chain designs instead of only name plate designs. Different chain links names in a more personalised way by either gold or silver materials. Name chains for men and name chains for women are usually presented in different ways as personalised name chain designers are highly similar to those in fashion sector. There are dozens of commonly-seen name chain styles in the market and most of them are based on gold chain or silver chain designs.

What are name chain necklace types

Personalised name chain usually has lots of different types and names, as found in the jewellery market. A modern name chain necklace designer is often using trace chain, foxtail chain, ball chain, anchor chain, cube chain, bead chain, trace chain etc. Most of these styles are pre-modeled by thick silver, gold, or even steel prototype specifically born for custom name fashion. For example, the anchor style name chain has some amazing oval-shape links which are nearly the same as trace-style chain. It also has wide range of varieties featuring smoothly-crafted round surface; Box chains have square links that are interconnected one after one creating a smooth and luxury feeling, which makes them able to stand out alone without carefully-selected pendants around at all; Ball chain or bead chain are also great examples of wearing with no pendants.

How do we guarantee name chain quality

Unlike normal necklaces or general name pendant products, name chain or name chain necklaces are usually involved in a much stricter quality standard as it's requiring an advanced manufacturing or crafting process to produce a well-designed chain. To achieve a premium quality, we will have to be certified by several of the most popular third-party-party independant Jewellery Assurance Bodies across USA & UK, and give a stricter test using extra cost on gold or sterling silver materials. All the precious metal name chain provided by us usually carries independent hallmark confirming precious content used, which is done at a level far beyond the typical legal requirement of the sector. Name Chain Necklace is very proud that our quality is not only guaranteed by our worldclass designers but also the whole ecosystem in the world.

What material is better for name chains

Our designers are able to craft based on nearly all premium materials such as gold, silver and platinum, or entry-level materials such as steel, plastic, and stones, for your name chain necklaces. It requires different crafting difficulties since the modelling processes are hugely different for each of the materials. For the majority of the work, the hallmark could be added as a distinctive mark, for example, for all precious metal materials. But each different material is normally limiting the styles people can select over clasp fastening of the name chain, as they all have differed finish standards. For thick chain name necklace, we are preferring precious metals, but for those who don't like thick chain designs, light materials are highly recommended. Gold or silver chain with names and independent testing and hallmarks are preferred.